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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Goroka Festival - 4 Days

Goroka Festival - 4 Days - Goroka, Papua New Guinea

Duration: 4 days
Location: Goroka, Papua New Guinea

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One of the, if not the biggest festival in all of Papua New Guinea is the Goroka Show. A spectacular couple of days that brings together hundreds of people from many different tribes throughout PNG ... More info ›

One of the, if not the biggest festival in all of Papua New Guinea is the Goroka Show. A spectacular couple of days that brings together hundreds of people from many different tribes throughout PNG. The show is typically held the second week of September and is the largest Sing-sing in the country. 

This tour allows you to truly soak up the two days of the show and offers a great opportunity to really interact with the locals and members of the tribes celebrating together. The entire spectacle is something like you've never seen before, and are likely to never see again. The show is famous for its wild costumes that are very colourful and creative, to say the least.  There is music, there is dancing, and there is amazing culture.

The tour begins from your pickup point in Goroka. The next two days will involve the show and on the fourth day, you will be transferred back to your hotel, or to the airport for your flight home.

The tour begins on September 15. The show is typically on the 16th of Septemeber, however specific dates are not released until earlier on in the year. 

September 15: Upon arrival on the 15th, you will be met and greeted at the airport, or your accommodation in Goroka, where your guide and private transport will whisk you away through coffee plantations, beautiful gardens, and villages before reaching the guest house for the night.

September 16: This morning, nice and early, after you enjoy an early breakfast at the guesthouse, you will have a team pick you up where you will be transferred from Goroka to Kerefa Village. Here you can witness and experience how a traditional Mumu is made. A Mumu is a way of preparing and cooking a meal, a traditional way, using hot stones in pits dug out of the ground. Once the Mumu has been all wrapped it is then left to cook. As it cooks, you will have the chance to visit the village where you will be prepared to make your way to the Goroka Show. 

Once you are ready, your guides will take you back to Goroka and to the show grounds for your Goroka Festival experience. Later on this evening, you will return to the village for the unwrapping of the Mumu prepared earlier on today. You will sit down here and enjoy the delicious Mumu cooked with your local friends. After your meal, we will all make our way back to the guest house for the night.

September 17: This morning is another early one. Today as you wake up, you will have the option of taking a little adventure. You can opt to stay at the lodge or take a walk through Mount Gavisu National Park, the walk is about one hour. If you take the walk, once you return to the lodge you will have about half an hour to freshen up before heading out for the second day of the Goroka Show where you have the afternoon to explore.

If there is time after the show today, you can take a visit to the museum in Goroka that includes many WWII relics.

This evening you will return back to the lodge for your final evening.

September 18: This morning you will leave the guesthouse and be transferred to your accommodation in Goroka, or the airport if you have a flight leaving today. 

End of services

**Dates for 2018 are yet to be released and so the above dates might change. In this case, we simply adjust the dates accordingly and your booking remains the same with the exception of a date change. 

Accommodation in Goroka is extremely sought after during this period of the Goroka Show. It is recommended to book as far in advance as possible if you are going to be joining us for the show.

Our accommodation is very budget. If you wish to upgrade to a more comfortable option. Please just let us know and that can be arranged for an extra cost depending on location.

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